Why Choose Us?

☆ Free, Flexible Legal Consultation

Initial consultation comes with no fee whatsoever, and for those unable to meet during our standard office hours, we are able to arrange appointments outside business hours including over the weekend. We also are able to talk over video conference for those overseas or otherwise out of reach.

☆ Excellent Customer Satisfaction

We have a 96% satisfaction rate among those who apply for our services.

 Unrivaled Speed

We are able to process cases at speeds deemed impossible by other firms.

☆ Multi-Lingual Support

Our staff can speak languages including English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Burmese and Indonesian.

 Expert Know-How

Our experience in an exceptionally wide range of fields over many years means that we have know-how invaluable to the success of our clients’ cases.

☆ No Win No Fee (Visa Services)

For visa, naturalization and permanent residency services, we generally operate on a No Win No Fee basis, meaning that if your application is unsuccessful, our fee will be zero.

※N.B. In very challenging cases, we may ask for part of the total fee regardless of the result.

☆ Nationwide Support

Our support service extends throughout Japan, meaning that we can provide support no matter where you are living. This also goes for applications which we submit on your behalf, with our staff willing to go anywhere from Hokkaido to Okinawa in order to submit applications.

※N.B. Transportation fees may apply for some applications.

☆ Personal Scheduling Service

Business licenses, visas and so on all come with expiry dates. We keep track of these dates on your behalf to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible.

☆ Our International Business Network

We have a wide business network in Asian countries such as Singapore, Thailand and China, as well as in Europe and North America. For those looking to take their business beyond Japan, please do not hesitate to find out more about how we can support you.