What is a Gyoseishoshi Lawyer?

There are several types of lawyers in Japan, including Bengoshi, Shihoshoshi and Gyoseishoshi. Each of these requires different qualifications and involves work in different areas of law.

Gyoseishoshi Lawyers are notable for being able to handle and provide advice regarding an especially broad range of legal procedures. Working as a link between people or corporations and the state, we are specialists in procedures submitted through Japan’s administrative and bureaucratic organs. While there is no precise English translation of “Gyoseishoshi”, close translations include Administrative Lawyer and Administrative Scrivener.

At Support Gyoseishoshi Law Firm, our English-language support is currently focused on visas, business licenses and establishing companies. However, we also provide specialist services in areas as diverse as inheritance, vehicle registration and even insurance. In our role providing a bridge between Japan’s administrative organs and the people and corporations they serve, we seek to ensure that administrative procedures are carried out as smoothly and successfully as possible. Using our expertise and experience in this area, we strive to provide a solid foundation of support upon which our customers can realize their ambitions in both their personal and business lives.