Training Visa

Training Visas are designed for non-Japanese people undergoing training in technology or the acquisition of knowledge relating to technical fields at a public or private institution in Japan. 

Training Visas differ from Technical Intern Trainee Visas in that those on Japan’s Technical Intern Training Program form a contract of employment with the institution at which they train. In other words, they learn technical skills as they work. Training Visas, however, do not permit the visa holder to work – only train. 

Part of the reason for Training Visas not permitting engagement in labor is that this visa is targeted at those who, upon leaving Japan, will carry out the supervision of operations rather than direct work (making or shipping goods etc) upon leaving Japan. As the institution at which Training Visa holders work will not pay any wages, the overseas institution for which you are undertaking the training will be responsible for reimbursing you.

Basic Requirements

In order to be eligible for a Training Visa, you must meet the following basic requirements.

N.B. These are general requirements and do not necessarily reflect the reality of what may be needed for your specific application.

  • Your training must not be for skills which can be required through the repetition of basic labor or actions.
  • Your training have content which you could not learn outside of Japan (e.g. skills that can only be learned at the head Japanese office of a Japanese corporation). You will however need to have a certain level of expertise prior to undertake this training, meaning that you will most likely need to submit your CV and other similar materials to the Immigration Bureau. 
  • The person carrying out your training must have at least 5 years of relevant work experience. 
  • The training institution must provide appropriate facilities for training and lodging as well as an individual in charge of managing the basics of your life in Japan. 
  • You must be able to guarantee that you have enough money to fund your flight home. 
  • The training institution must be equipped to submit any necessary notifications to the Immigration Bureau in emergency situations, correctly store any relevant documents and so on. 

Training Program

In order to gain a Training Visa, you will need to provide documents detailing the precise contents of your training program. 

These documents must show that:

  • Any hands on training makes up only a certain proportion of your overall training.
  • The duration of your training is 1 year or less.

※N.B. Should your training be broken down into different sets of training, you will need to submit separate documentation relating to each of these sets.  


Can I extend my Training Visa beyond 1 year? 

In general, it is assumed that you will return to work outside Japan following your training in Japan. This means that only in exceptional circumstances where it is deemed reasonable that you require more than 1 year of training will it be possible to extend your visa. 

What’s the difference between a Training Visa and the Short Term Commerce/Training category on a Short Term Visa?

Short Term Visas only allow for up to a 90 day stay in Japan, meaning that while the Short Term Commerce/Training category on a Short Term Visa may be appropriate for some short term or introductory training, longer term training will usually require a Training Visa.  

Even if you are only in Japan for less than 90 days, however, depending on the nature of your training it may be that a Training Visa is the best option for you. Please get in touch if you are unsure. 

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