What are subsidy programs for businesses in Japan?

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of subsidies provided by the national and local governments to businesses to cover a portion of their necessary expenses in order to stimulate the local and domestic economy.

The subsidies vary depending on the government or municipality.
Some examples are as follows.

(1) Subsidies for part of the expenses required for business start-up expenses, etc., for business start-ups and second business start-ups

⇒ Establishment subsidy

(2) Subsidies for small businesses to cover part of the cost of developing sales channels, etc.

⇒ Subsidies for new services for small and medium-sized businesses

(3) Subsidies for small and medium-sized businesses to cover part of the costs of developing new services and manufacturing

⇒ Manufacturing subsidy

(4) Subsidies for small and medium-sized enterprises to partially cover the cost of introducing IT tools (software, services, etc.) that meet their challenges and needs

⇒ IT introduction subsidy

(5) Subsidies for drastic business restructuring (expansion into new fields and change of business category) of SMEs and medium-sized enterprises

⇒ Business restructuring subsidy

(6) Support for SMEs and sole proprietors affected by the declaration of emergency

⇒ Monthly support grant

The above subsidies are just one example.
Please use them as a catalyst for your business operations.

In order to apply, it is necessary to find the right program for you and to make a proper business plan for your company.

We introduce the relevant subsidy programs and provide support for business planning for each client.

Recommended for the following cases:

Case 1: You want to change your business model or enter a new business or field.
Case 2: You want to conduct sales promotion activities to increase your customer base.
Case 3: You want to introduce a new machine to increase sales.

But there are questions and problems…
[Question] Where can I get a subsidy?

[Problem] I want to apply, but I can’t make a detailed business plan!

Please leave the complicated application procedures and business plan preparation support to us.