Spouse or Child of Japanese National Visa

The Spouse or Child of Japanese National Visa is intended for those who wish to live in Japan with their Japanese spouse or parent(s).

This visa is an attractive option in many respects, with benefits such as:

・Minimal restrictions on working activities.

・No requirement for spouses to be financially supported by the Japanese national.

Below, we discuss the necessary requirements for applying for a Spouse or Child of Japanese National Visa.

N.B. These are general requirements and do not necessarily reflect the reality of what may be needed for your specific application.

Who can apply for a Spouse or Child of Japanese National Visa?

Applicant  Definition
Spouse of Japanese national

・Persons legally married to a Japanese national.

・Excludes those separated by divorce, death or other factors, as well as those in de facto marriages and false marriages.

N.B. You must generally be legally married in both Japan and your own country in order to gain this visa.

Biological child of a Japanese national

・Persons who can be confirmed as the natural offspring of a Japanese national.

・Those for whom at least one of their parents held Japanese nationality at the time of their birth OR those for whom their father (of Japanese nationality) passed away prior to their birth.

Person adopted through plenary adoption by a Japanese national

・Those whose ties with their original parents have been severed through orders of a family court, giving them equal status to any biological child of their adopted parents.

・Must be a child below the age of 6 (in rare cases 8).

In order to gain a Spouse or Child of Japanese National visa, you must fit into one of the above categories.

Other Requirements

① Proof of Relationship(s)

The Immigration Bureau must be able to see that your marital or familial links are genuine.

For married couples, this means not only showing proof of official marriage documentation, but also submitting materials that demonstrate the reality of your relationship (e.g. flight tickets to one another’s countries, contact records).

As part of the application, you will have to provide an outline of your relationship to date, including details such as whether your families are aware of your relationship. This all has a significant effect on the success of your application.

Those who have been married previously or for whom their current relationship began prior to another marriage ending often have a particularly difficult time with this part of the application. Even for those for whom it is a first marriage, any mistakes (or, needless to say, deliberate falsehoods) found among the details of your relationship can be enough for your application to be rejected without further consideration.

② Household Stability

In order to show that you can live a stable life in Japan upon acquiring your visa, you must be able to show that you can put together a household with ample income and a clean record with tax payments.

All of this will be examined as part of your application.

For those who are unemployed, receiving welfare benefits or otherwise struggling financially, it can unfortunately be very easy for their visa application (or the application of their spouse or child) to be rejected. There are however ways to combat this, including finding a guarantor who can vouch for your household.

③ Personal Conduct

Having a criminal record in either Japan or overseas can lead not only to the rejection of your application, but refusal of entry to Japan. Even relatively light traffic offenses can have a detrimental effect on your application, so please get in touch to speak with one of our visa experts if you are at all concerned about this or any other aspects of your case.

Examples of Past Cases

Below are examples of cases in which we have successfully acquired visas for our clients.

No matter how difficult your case may seem, please do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation session.

Case ①

Our client: Japanese man (aged 40)
The applicants: Wife and wife’s child (aged 11) from previous marriage


The couple had been together since before the husband’s divorce with his former wife, and his current wife had previously been deported for overstaying her visa. They married after she left Japan and she had been unable to return to the country for over 1 year due to her deportation charge.


Successful acquisition of visas for both her and her child!

Case ②

Our client: Non-Japanese woman


Our client already possessed a Spouse or Child of Japanese National Visa. However, she was concerned about renewing it as her husband had been away from Japan for a long time, meaning that they had only lived together for a short time.


Successful renewal!

Case ③

Our client: Non-Japanese woman (40s)


Our client had tried to renew her Spouse or Child of Japanese National Visa twice but had been rejected both times.

Another Gyoseishoshi Lawyer had recommended that she wait before applying again.


We applied again straight away and managed to get her visa renewed successfully!


I’m married in Japan but not to a Japanese national. Which visa can I apply for?

Depending on who you are married to, the type of visa you can apply to will vary.

Spouse of Applicant Relevant Visa
Permanent Resident Spouse or Child of Permanent Resident
Long Term Resident Long Term Resident
Working Visa Holder Dependent Visa

For any further queries about any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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