How Does it Work?

While we handle a very diverse range of procedures, our services are generally carried out in the following order.

① Free Consultation

We provide a free initial consultation service available to all of our clients.

To arrange an appointment, please contact us through by phone or through our contact form or drop by one of our offices.

Our office hours are from 9:00 to 18:00, but we can also arrange appointments outside office hours (incl. weekends) where necessary.


② Estimate

Should you apply for our services, we will then prepare an estimate of our fees. Services will not commence without your consent.

All of our remuneration fees are available here.

For visas, our fees are in most cases based on the success of your application (i.e. no win no fee).


③ Application

If you are satisfied with our estimate, we receive your application upon the basis that you have understood and agreed to our contract.

Please note that the person in charge of your case may change to another member of our team.


④ Commencing Services

The person in charge of your case will examine your case, establishing a strategy for any difficult points and preparing a predicted schedule.

We have a 96% satisfaction rate among those who apply for our services.

While each case is carried out differently depending on the customer’s needs and circumstances, we will work to gather all the necessary information and documents for your application, collating it and producing supporting documents before submitting it to the relevant authorities.


⑤ Conclusion of Services

Once our services are complete, we will request payment based on the fee system detailed above.

Depending on the type of service, we may require a retainer fee. For more details regarding our fees, please click here.



Our Offices

We can provide support throughout all of Japan as well as around the world.