Only $ 30,000. Let’s start the logistics business in Japan: Transportation service

Let's start the logistics business in Japan (1)
Japan’s logistics industry is huge and has an opportunity!
Japan’s transportation industry has a huge market with an estimated 39 trillion yen. This is comparable to 1/3 of the USA.
Of these, the distribution industry accounts for approximately 25 trillion yen, accounting for more than 25 trillion yen, or 65%.
The logistics industry accounts for about 4% of all industrial workers. (Reference: “Current Status of Logistics”, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Logistics Policy Division, October 11, 2018)

Japan is an archipelago nation and a trading nation. The vast amount of imports and exports in the sea and the sky are as large as France, but the distribution of goods is spreading like a mesh in every corner of the land with few flatlands.
In Japan, where there is a lot of mountains and there is a huge gap between densely populated and depopulated areas, it is also a market where transportation solutions for the last one mile are required.
For this purpose, the business that can be started most easily is the transportation service.

Regardless of domestic and overseas, in Japan where there are a lot of goods coming and going, the logistics industry has a great demand, and transportation methods are diverse, including automobiles, railroads, ships, and aircraft.

Consigned Freight Forwarding Business with easy start

Generally, it is a logistics industry that has a large initial investment for obtaining permission in Japan. However, there is a way with no highly difficult requirements such as expensive fixed assets, no specially qualified personnel, and short preparation time.

This is a business format in which the company takes responsibility for the cargo from the shipper using the transportation means of other companies and does not have the means of transportation in-house, and transports at its own responsibility. This type of business is called “Consigned Freight Forwarding Business” in Japan.

If it is a transportation business, the minimum funding is 3 million yen and the preparation period depends on the form, but it is possible to start the business in 2 to 6 months.

Services provided by us, Support Gyoseishoshi Law Firm

You can leave all the work.

  • Complex documentation
  • Submission to administration
  • Negotiation with administrative officers
  • Establishment of the company
  • Support in English
  • Support after starting a business

You can entrust all of the preparation of complex documents for obtaining permission in Consigned Freight Forwarding Business and negotiations with the institution issuing the permission.
When a new company is established, it is possible to provide consistent support from the establishment of a corporation to the procedure for obtaining permission.
For existing corporations, it is also possible to provide services only for obtaining permission.

We have staff who have experienced the acquisition of various kinds of business licenses and can make communication in English.


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