Dependent Visa

Do you have a job offer in Japan but don’t want to leave your family behind? Are you already working or studying here and want to bring family members to live with you?

If so, you may be able to do so on a Dependent Visa.

Who is Eligible?

The Dependent Visa generally exists for the spouses and children of those living and working in Japan. Depending on the visa held by the supporter (the person inviting them to Japan), however, the visa of the dependent may in fact not be a Dependent Visa.

Supporter’s Visa Status Dependent’s Visa
Working Visa Dependent Visa
Student Dependent Visa
Permanent Resident Spouse or Child of Permanent Resident Visa
Long Term Resident Long Term Resident Visa

Unfortunately, however, not all family members are eligible for Dependent Visas.

In general, there is no visa for siblings or parents. In extreme cases, it may be possible to gain permission for one parent to come and live with you in Japan on a Designated Activities Visa, but this generally requires that:

・Your parent is alone with no other immediate family able to care for them.

・They are over the age of 70.

・It is dangerous for them to continue living alone due to chronic illness.

・You have ample income and living space in order to care for them.

Unfortunately, the application process for obtaining a visa for a parent is extremely strict, so please get in touch with us if you are concerned about your particular case.


Broadly speaking, Dependent Visas come with the following two main requirements:

① The applicant is eligible as a dependent

For children, this is generally proven by their status as minors (under 20 in Japan). However, it is possible that children may not be viewed as eligible dependents if they have already graduated from high school. Likewise, some may be considered eligible as dependents beyond the age of 20 if, for example, they are still in education.

As Dependent Visas restrict working hours to around 28 hours per week*, dependents wishing to carry out full time work will need to apply for the appropriate Working Visa.

*N.B. Work is only permitted on a Dependent Visa upon successful application to the Immigration Bureau for “Permission to Engage in Activity Other Than That Permitted Under the Status of Residence Previously Granted”.

② The supporter is able to support the dependent

Just as the dependent must be viewed as suitable as a dependent, the individual applying to invite the dependent to live with them in Japan must be able to show that they can support the dependent.

One way of doing this is by showing that you have a stable income sufficient to support both you and your dependent(s). However, this is not the only factor examined by Immigration Bureau officials, who may also take into account other factors such as the size of your accommodation (or planned accommodation) and any assets (e.g. real estate).

If you want to invite family to Japan but are not sure where to start, please feel free to contact us to arrange a free consultation session.

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