Corporate Services

We provide a wide variety of services for our corporate clients, including:

  • Comprehensive support for business license applications.
  • Support service for establishing Japanese corporations (incl. subsidiaries) and branch offices.
  • Assistance with finding affordable, appropriate office space.
  • Human resources support.
  • Visa support service for directors, employees and family members.
  • Apostille services.
  • An alert service for renewal deadlines of business licenses and visas.
  • Acquisition of Registration Certificates for companies and real estate, Residence Certificates, tax certification and more.

For more details of how we can help you and your business, please see our All Inclusive Support service.

Interested in Becoming a Partner?

We are always looking for companies and individuals interested in collaborating with us. On top of providing special arrangements for those seeking comprehensive support for matters such as business licenses and visas, we also seek to develop our partnerships through services such as: 

  • Seminars
  • Creation of useful guides and other media
  • Discounted referral rates

If you would like to find out more about becoming a Partner, please contact us for a personalized consultation.