Real Estate Brokerage Business

Real Estate Brokerage license is necessary when you do a business in which the buying, selling, or exchanging of Building Lots or buildings (including parts of buildings; the same applies hereinafter) or the provision of intermediary or agency services for the buying, selling, exchanging, or leasing of Building Lots or buildings is carried out in the course of business.

Types of Permit

Real Estate Brokerage permits are first of all divided into the two following categories:

Prefectural Governor Permits – necessary for real estate brokerage offices located in one prefecture.

Ministerial Permits – necessary for real estate brokerage offices in more than one prefecture.


*Exclusion Criteria*

If either the individual or any of the executives of a company making an application meet any of the following criteria, they will automatically fail the application process.

・Being an adult ward, person under curatorship, or bankrupt person whose rights have yet to be restored.

・Having previously obtained a real estate brokerage permit through false means and had that permit withdrawn within the last 5 years.

・Having had to cancel business operations due to the withdrawal of a permit within the last 5 years.

・Having committed a crime resulting in imprisonment or a sentence of similar or greater severity, the sentence of which finished within the last 5 years.

・Having been fined according to the Penal Code within the last 5 years for violation of the Real Estate Brokerage Act, or other laws, or for involvement in organized crime.

There are some other criteria and contact us for more information.


Office has a significant meaning for a real estate brokerage permit. Where you locate a office determines which permit (Prefectural Governor or Ministerial) you get.

Head Office

Your head office needs to be registered and written on your company’s certificate of full registry records.

Secondary office

You need to register secondary office where:

・you run a real estate brokerage business constantly

・you make a contract with customers

Each secondary office needs an officer as specified by Cabinet Order, a representative of that office.

Also, secondary offices need to be independent and not temporarily. This cannot be a virtual office.

Exclusive Transaction Specialists 

Each office needs to have exclusive transaction specialists who are:

・full-time employee

・working exclusively for a real estate brokerage business

They need to be more than one in five (25%) for each office.

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